Data, GIS, and StatLab Services

Librarians and statistical consultants can provide you with services to help you find, use and manage your research data. If you are looking for science or social science data, we can help you find publicly available sources or, in some cases, purchase data if it is not freely available. Once you have the data you need, we can help you find the resources at Yale that will allow you to manipulate and analyze your data. As you work with data that you have collected, librarians can help you find the tools you need to keep track of your data.

Data Management Plan Consultation is also provided by a team from different parts of the Yale University Library and Information Technology Services.


  • Quicksearch - Yale University Library has over 10,000 data sets ranging from statistical data to linguistics corpora, to spatial data, to image data sets. You can easily find data sets in Quicksearch by selecting “Data sets” from the format facet. Learn more
  • Social Science Data - Sources of economic, elections, political, and other Social Science data.
    • U.S. Census - Access to statistics from the U.S. Census through multiple sources.
    • Public Opinion - Data from sites such as the Roper Center, Gallup Brain and ICPSR.
  • Science Data - Sources for data for the natural sciences.
  • Satellite Imagery - List of sources for satellite imagery from the Yale Center for Earth Observation.


  • GIS at Yale - If you need help installing or using GIS at Yale, this guide will get you started.
  • StatLab - Statistical consultants can help you with questions like “How do I enter my data?”, “What statistical program should I use?”, and “How do I get the program to run the analysis I want?”
  • Remote Sensing - The Yale Center for Earth Observation has a computer lab space with the software you need and they offer workshops to help you get the most out of your data.


  • Research Data Management - Find tips and resources for managing your research data, wherever it came from.
    • DMPTool - If you are writing a grant proposal that requires a Data Management Plan (DMP), the DMPTool likely has a template to help you create the best plan possible.
    • If you want someone to look at a finished DMP or if you are just getting started and would like some help, the Research Data Support Services group can help you.
  • Research Technologies - Yale Information Technology Services Research Technologies group provides services and software to meet your research computing needs.