Printing and Scanning


Laser printing is available on a fee-for-print basis using the PaperCut system. A PaperCut account is needed to release documents from the BluePrint print queue. Print jobs sent to the BluePrint queue can be released at any of our three networked printers:

  • 2 printers are located in Study Room West across from the service desk (CSSSI_Color and CSSSI_Color2)
  • 1 printer is located in Young Family Study, available 24 hrs (CSSSI_24HR)

Users may send print jobs to these printers from all Marx Library public computers. Users may also print from their personal Mac and Windows machines by installing the PaperCut software for Mac and Windows.

Refunds for print jobs can be requested from your PaperCut account by clicking the “Recent Print Jobs” link in the left menu and clicking “request refund” in the status column. You will then be brought to the “Refund Request” page. Type the reason for the refund request in the text box and hit Send. The more descriptive the reason, the better the issue can be serviced so it doesn’t happen again.


There are three, free-to-use scanners at Marx Library. Simply follow the touch screen prompts to scan documents or books and save the files to a USB drive or send them to an e-mail account.