About Us

Our Consultant Team

Our consultation team consists of graduate students from across Yale University.

Each consultant is able to discuss basic statistical and data analytic techniques. However, when you are looking for help with a specific program or topic, we encourage you to find the right consultant and check our schedule before you visit.

What expertise are you looking for?

Our consultants have a working knowledge of many techniques and tools. However, they also have expertise on specific tools and methodologies, do their own research in particular academic fields, and provide consultation services at different locations across campus.

Because of this, we suggest you find the best match for your particular needs before coming to one of our walk-in sessions. 

Please email statlab@yale.edu with questions about meeting with a specific consultant. Direct emails to consultants will not get a prompt response.


    Ryan Carlson

  • Department: Psychology
  • Software and Computing Topics: R, Python, MATLAB, SPSS
  • Methodological Topics: Data wrangling, data visualization, data analysis, linear regression, mixed-effects/hierarchical models, power analysis, survey design, basic commands and wrangling in Python and MATLAB
  • Research Interests: Social psychology, moral psychology, cognitive science
  • Spoken Languages: English

   Samantha Dean

Samantha Dean

  • Department: Biostatistics
  • Software and Computing Topics: R, Python for data science, basic HPC / parallelization
  • Methodological Topics: Causal inference, generalized linear models, survival analysis, data wrangling and visualization, simulations
  • Research Interests: Causal inference, policy evaluation, methods for infectious disease epidemiology
  • Spoken Languages: English

    Jinge Li

  • Department: Yale School of the Environment
  • Software and Computing Topics: R, Stata, Python
  • Methodological Topics: Statistical analysis and interpretation, data visualization (ggplot, levelplot), GIS, data wrangling
  • Research Interests: Environmental and resource economics 
  • Spoken Languages: English, Chinese


     Polina Ovchinnikova

Polina Ovchinnikova


  • Department: Yale School of Public Health (Health Informatics)
  • Software and Computing Topics: R, SAS, MATHLAB, Python, LaTex, Excel
  • Methodological Topics: data analytics, statistical analysis, data visualization (ggplot, adobe), simulations
  • Research Interests: Data Compression and error-correction, as well as health information exchange
  • Spoken Languages: English, Russian


     William Pang

William Pang


  • Department: Yale School of Public Health (Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases)
  • Software and Computing Topics: R, Python, MATLAB, JavaScript
  • Methodological Topics: Data Visualization, Statistical Analysis, as well as Basic Parametric Tests
  • Research Interests: Machine Learning, Image Analysis, Disease Modelling
  • Spoken Languages: English, Chinese, Cantonese


    Lucinda Sisk


  • Department: Psychology
  • Software and Computing Topics: R, Python, MATLAB, SPSS
  • Methodological Topics: Data wrangling, data visualization, data analysis, linear regression, linear mixed-effects models, lasso and ridge regression, machine learning techniques
  • Research Interests: The effects of childhood environment on structural and functional brain development
  • Spoken Languages: English


    Zhe (Gigi) Zheng


  • Department: Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases
  • Software and Computing Topics: R, rjags, SAS, LaTex, Excel, Matlab, Python
  • Methodological Topics: Bayesian meta-regression, mathematical models, generalized linear models, mixed-effects/hierarchical models, spaciotemporal analysis, multivariate statistics, cost-effectiveness analysis, cluster computing, Yale HPC
  • Research Interests: Respiratory diseases, transmission dynamics models, spatiotemporal models, disease burden analysis, emerging infectious diseases, vaccine prioritization
  • Spoken Languages: English, Chinese, Cantonese


    Zili Zhou

Zili Zhou


  • Department: Yale School of Public Health (Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases, Modeling Concentration)
  • Software and Computing Topics: R, SPSS, Prism
  • Methodological Topics: statistical analysis and interpretation (biomedical research), data visualization (ggplot)
  • Research Interests: translational immunology, respiratory infectious diseases, infectious disease modeling
  • Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin